New The Hobbit 2014: More pictures

14/09/2014 - 23:36 LEGO LOTR & The Hobbit Lego news

new hobbit 2015 sets

This is the big unboxing! The four The Hobbit sets expected for mid-October can be found in thea mwheithoff flickr gallery who is not stingy with clichés of boxes, minifigs and parts that are used to fill the boxes.

As expected, the "non-exclusive" minifigure of Bard the bowman distributed during the last San Diego Comic Con is delivered in the set 79017 Battle of the Five Armies.

For the rest, it's business as usual: As soon as you remove the graphic staging of the box, the content loses a bit of its luster, but I'm not even disappointed: I don't collect The Hobbit ranges. and Lord of the Rings only because the minifigs are superb and I made a reason for myself on the rest ...

Special mention all the same for the catapult / cannon of the set 79017 Battle of the Five Armies and for the throne of Thorin in the set 79018 The Lonely Mountain.


the hobbit 2014 minifig lineup


New The Hobbit 2014: Already available in the USA

14/09/2014 - 12:45 LEGO LOTR & The Hobbit Lego news

elrond various minifigures

The embargo imposed by LEGO and Warner on the novelties of the The Hobbit range will not last until October 15, when the manufacturer probably wanted to unveil with great fanfare the three sets of the range that did not have yet been officially presented: 79015 Witch-king Battle, 79016 Attack on Lake-town et 79017 The Battle of Five Armies.

The fourth set of the range (79018 The Lonely Mountain) was unveiled during the last San Diego Comic Con.

These novelties The Hobbit are obviously already on sale in the stores of the brand Toys R Us in the USA and the reviews are starting to appear.

So, on Eurobricks, a forumer offers many photos of the 79015 Witch-king Battle set delivered with a new version of Elrond, the Witch-king of Angmar and Galadriel.

This is the opportunity to confirm that the Elrond minifig present in this new box is very different from the two versions already available with the minifig of the set in the photo above. 79015 Witch-king Battle (left), that of exclusive polybag 5000202 (in the center) and that of the set 79006 The Council of Elrond from the LEGO The Lord of the Rings range released in 2013 (right).

LEGO The Hobbit 79015 Witch-king Battle

Pictures of the set 79016 Attack on Lake-town are also available on mwheithoff's flickr gallery.

LEGO The Hobbit 79016 Attack on Lake-town